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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Village Charter Academy will provide a powerful knowledge based curriculum where:
  • students are motivated to recognize the strength in their abilities and gain confidence in their own successes;
  • students feel respected and appreciated by their peers;
  • students and educators collaborate to create a learning environment that promotes the willingness to share ideas, investigate, and take risks;
  • well planned lessons are differentiated for multiple learning needs and access is created for all students to achieve the desired learning goals of the school;
  • parents, educators, and students support a village of learning, which ensures success for all students.

Vision Statement

Students at Village Charter Academy, supported by the Charter’s Learning Community, will use their unique attributes to achieve a broad base of knowledge integrated with the arts and technology. In order to achieve success on a global scale and be well prepared as 21st century learners, Village Charter Academy will create a diverse community of engaged citizens who treat others with respect, value friendships, and demonstrate a work ethic that exemplifies perseverance and responsibility.