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Rules & Guidelines

Food Guidelines

We are a NUT FREE campus- please make sure that any snacks or food you send with your child do not contain any tree nuts (walnuts, peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc). Also be aware of products containing nuts and remind your child not to share their snack with any of there classmates.

If you have any questions or need any suggestions for alternative choices please speak to your child’s teacher or school leadership.

Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up Traffic Pattern 

In order to ensure student safety, it is essential that all parents follow the legally approved traffic flow pattern for Village Charter Academy. The safety of your children is our first priority. Please follow drop-off / pick-up procedures very carefully to keep all of our children safe. Remember, cell phone use is strictly forbidden and stereo must be turned off while you are in the drop-off/pick-up line.


Parents walking to drop students off will bring students to the main entrance of the school for walk-in.

Parents driving to drop of students will use the drop off lane and will drive through the parking lot and proceed around the car loop for drop off, following posted signage. The drive through entrance gate is on the north end (closest to the office), and the exit gate is on the south end (closest to the grass field). 

Pick Up:

Students can be picked up in two different ways and it is important that everyone follow the guidelines for pick up to ensure student safety.

Students whose parents are walking into the school to pick up their child will walk through the main enhance near the main office. The students whose parents are walking to pick them up will be waiting for their parents at the tables in the cafeteria. Families will exit the side gate.

Students whose parents are driving to pick up their child will drive through entrance gate on the north end (closest to the office), and the exit gate is on the south end (closest to the grass field). Students that will be picked up at the drive through will line up along the gym. Please be sure to put your child's name plate in the car. If you still need one please let your child's teacher or the main office know. Remember, do not try to turn left into the parking lot if there is a line of cars. This will ensure that traffic does not get backed up on Jordan.