Distance Learning Resources

Educational Resources

Amazing Educational Resources: Comprensive List of Online Learning Resources
PBS: At-Home Learning Resources
The New York Times: Daily Set of Learning Activities for Children and Updates for Adults
Mystery Science: Free K-5 Online Interactive Science Activities
Brainpop: Free Online Access to Learning Materials (all subjects)
Khan Academy: Home Teaching Schedule with Links to Lessons for All Grades
Kahoot: Free K-12 Remote Learning Tools
Prodigy: Curriculum-Aligned Math Program
Lil Libros: Worksheets for Kids
MIND Institute: Free K-8 Math Instructional Program
Scholastic Online Learning: Experiences for Kids of All Ages
Zearn: Highly regarded Math site, builds off Common Core
Great Minds: Math & Science instructional materials & videos
Quill. Self directed grammar and writing lessons.
Taproot: Free Effective K-12 Social/Emotional Learning Tools
Calm Classroom E-Book: Techniques for pre-school-12th grade students and adults