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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!
Ms. Megan Owings

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Elee Bordokas, children's book author and illustrator, came to the classroom today and read her book to the students.  She shared her book with them and answered questions about what it is like to be an author and illustrator.  I'm attaching links to the books in case you are interested!
We had a very busy day in First Grade!  We learned about the mummification process while pretending to mummify a student.  Ms. G taught us about Diwali, which is celebrated today.  We also practiced for our very first spelling test that will take place on Friday. 
Today, students created their own Hanging Gardens of Babylon! If you get the chance, ask your student why the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were created long ago.
Students learned that the Mesopotamians wrote using symbols.  This type of writing is called cuneiform.  Students wrote in cuneiform on clay tablets today! 
We have been practicing our long vowel sounds and spellings!  
Have a wonderful Fall Break! 
As we finish our domain on the human body, students have been learning about what foods are healthy and help them think better and grow stronger. Today we sorted foods into two groups: nutritious and not nutritious. 
We have been learning about the human body.  Today we learned about the circulatory system, which includes the heart and blood.  Students had a chance to listen to each other's hearts using a stethoscope.  They also got to look at the four chambers of the heart in a model heart.